Monday, July 6, 2009

Jeff's outstanding work on our house !

Finally I have photos of Jeff's work to put on my blog! Also some expert help from my patient daughter. Since I have bragging rights and now have photos to show off !

Here is a picture of the starting of the new deck !

Wow new drawer and door fronts in my kitchen!

A light in my bedroom, I can actually tell what color my clothes are!
Play equipment, now all my grandkids have swings and a slide when they come to grandma's house!

Window frames on all our view windows and in the bedrooms too!

More lights, Jesse can make pancakes by the under the counter lights. The lights even make my old cabinets look better !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chaos at the House on the Hill

I know I am slow to compose another post on my blog. Krissa has many of the details on their blog.
First we got this incredible offer on our property and would have to demo the house plus all (junk) stuff not natural to the property removed.
Krissa, Jeff, and their children were coming to help, well mainly the adults. They left their house in North Carolina staged and for sale. Moving here , the middle of no where.
Well when things are too good to be true, they probably are. April 13th the whole deal fell and we moved on( maybe that is not quite the right words) with mixed feelings. So here we are and life just gets better in spite of it!
It is so hard to see sometimes the blessing when it is disguised as a trial, even though things have not gone quite as planned. Life is still good !
Jesse ( who just turned 9) and Larissa 6 got to go to school with grandma, nothing could be better. I was able to influence who they got for teachers, and it was a wonderful, exciting, and eventful experience. They loved being at Mill Pond with me, they enjoyed the whole experience.
As Krissa predicted everything happened at once. Their house sold in North Carolina, Jeff got a phone interview Thursday before Krissa left for North Carolina Saturday to organize the move of all their furniture and so forth. Jeff got another request for an interview, both in the Tri-Cities area where they want to live. So he is in the Tri- Cities for an interview maybe two interviews.
Okay there is a glitch which is described on their blog, Jeff cracked his wrist bone, and has a cast for 4 weeks. So that has been challenging for him but we have loved all his help on making our house more attractive, comfortable, and safe. The deck, which took its toll on his left wrist is to blame for the unfortunate accident, is still under construction.
Before the accident, Jeff has installed a door bell( it plays 40 different tunes), an over head light in our bedroom, hooked up the exhaust fan in the kitchen, framed out the our view windows, put up window treatments in three of the four bedrooms, sealed under the eaves and around the windows, repaired major water damage in the small bedroom next to ours( sheet rocked the ceiling and walls), framed the stair way and arch way to the hall. I know it seems like I go on and on, but I have bragging rights and I am exercising them ! Oops I almost forgot he put a roof over Roy's addition to the shop.
In spite the disappointments, life and the Lord never cease to amaze me !

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tag you are it !

Oh kay okay, it has been months and I have enjoyed many of the families blogs but have not written anything in mine.
Krissa tagged me along with Jennis, Jenna, Jillena, is that a lot of J names or what !??! Anyway here goes it.
8TV shows
1. CIS any of them along I like NCIS that would be 4 of them
5. HGTV House Hunters
6. Extreme Makeovers Home Edition
7. HGTV Hidden Potential
8. Almost all the movies on Hallmark
8Things I am looking forward to:
1. Spending the day with my Sweetie
2. Feeling the sun on my back( it is sunny today)
3. Lunch at Subway
4. Friday because I love Fridays
5. School because I love my job
6. Finishing the Book of Mormon ( I usually finish in December)
7. taking the laundry from the dryer, I love the smell and feel of laundry while everything is still
warm !
8. An hour in our whirlpool tub!
8 Things I love about Winter
1. Snow decorating the trees
2. Snuggling up with a good book and a hot rice bag.
3. Seeing the students come in from outside with smiles on their faces and rosy cheeks
4. Hot cider or soup after a cold day
5. Snuggling with my hubby
6. Christmas and the joy of the season.
7. Family gatherings
8. A warm house after greeting me after a busy cold day
8 things on my wish list:
1. Having all the family here for reunions.
2. Having a new house that is easy to heat and clean with room for gatherings/celebrations
3. My children, spouses, and grandchildren including steps all happy and successful in their lives.
4. Being able to attend the temple more then once a month
5. Attending the temple with family
6. The faith to endure whatever the future brings.
7. Serving a mission with my hubby.
8. A financially secure retirement

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life as a paraeducator

This is the last school year with my charge and second year with an outstanding teacher at Mill Pond Elementary in Yelm WA. I have been shadowing and assisting him for three wonderful years. This is the story I wrote for Nathaniel to let him know that the Lord is and will continue to look after him.

Earlier this year the students in Mrs. Schouweiler’s class were to write about a memorable occasion in their lives. It gave me cause to reflect and ponder one of my most memorable occasion in my own life.
One of the most memorable occasion occurred over two years ago when I was hired as a paraeducator at Fort Stevens Elementary.
The events leading up to my employment was not what I had expected but the delightful, wonderful outcome was better than what I had imagine.
The precious school year I had done some long term substituting at Mill Pond Intermediate School. During this time I overheard one of the assistants talking about not returning for the next school year. I had so enjoyed the substituting and volunteer work I had been involved in. I loved helping the students find success and get excited about their studies.
This had been a dream of mine since before I went to college. After years of volunteering and substituting, I was about to realize my dream and have my prayers answered.
Although it came about in a way I did not anticipate. I discussed my desires with Mary Thurgood who was the Title One teacher at Mill Pond.
Through out the Summer Mary would call and update me on when she anticipated the position would be posted. Finally in August, she called to let me know exactly when the job would be posted. I quickly composted a letter of interest and submitted it.
The Friday before Labor Day Weekend, Mary called to tell me that the job had been taken by another employee from the middle school. I think she thought I would be really disappointed and discourage. That was what I would have thought too or have anticipated I would have reacted. However I felt no disappointment or sadness.
The first day of school, I just stayed around the house. That afternoon, I received a phone call from Mr.McGinty, the Assistant Superintendent.
Mr. McGinty asked me if I would be interested in working with a special education situation? Had I ever worked at Fort Stevens Elementary? Could I start tomorrow ?
I replied yes to all of his inquiries and started the next day. This was the start of the momentous adventure and blessing that continues to this day.
Once last year, I was assisting Nathaniel in understanding setting goals in his life was a positive, fine way to find success in his life. He was anxious and had fears that setting goals at school would change him so he would no longer be Nathaniel. As I was trying to reassure him, I asked him if he thought Mrs."J" (Me) if had any goals in my life. He responded," Yeah, to have a happy, good life." It made me think and realize, that was a goal already realized. Although another goal was to assist and help Nathaniel find confidence in his scholastic accomplishments, resolve his fears, and find friends who appreciated his fine qualities.
I consider this to be a most momentous occasion and a precious blessing in my life. In addition to this working with caring, experienced, creative teachers has truly enhanced this journey.
Although my student will be moving to Texas in June. I will have the memories to hold close to my heart, and with prayer to guide me in my new adventure. I can not help but reflect on this rich blessing, the Lord had blessed me, with a spirit of gratitude and awe.